1. insanity; mental disorder.
2. intermittent insanity, formerly believed to be related to phases of the moon.
3. extreme foolishness or an instance of it.
4. Law: unsoundness of mind sufficient to incapacitate one for civil transactions.
Etymology: lunatic (from Middle English lunatik < Old French lunatique < Late Latin lūnāticus, “moonstruck”, from Latin lūna, “the moon”) + -acy (a suffix of nouns of quality, state, office, etc., from Latin -ācia, -ātia).
[Lenka Simeckova - Janitor of Lunacy]
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living in the current cultural mess (as I can describe my hostel) I start to understand that the current youth takes sex as a game. They do not nurture any feeling or emotions for that person. They focus only on physical pleasure. Seducing a girl can be compared to a hunt. Hunter is trying to get as close as possible, to tame the girl and at the end, if he succeeds, he fuck’s her. The only thing that I haven’t yet found out is that do the hunter keep the girl as a trophy or forgets her. I can almost absolutely cross out a possibility of relationship.


13 Essential Rules for Understanding the World | Basim Magdy

Russian soldiers smoking in Grozny. Chechnya. 1996.



This is so sick

Ewan McGregor in Velvet Goldmine


more pics like this here :3

Kurt Cobain, Cork, August 20, 1991